THE LAW OFFICES OF THOMAS J. FLEISCHMANN & ASSOCIATES represents individuals who are not being treated fairly. We represent:

Individuals who are suffering from injuries they did not cause.
Individuals who were wrongfully terminated and whose benefits are being denied.
Individuals whose companies are threaten because contracts negotiated in good
faith are not being honored.
Individuals whose companies are being harassed by local, state, or federal

We represent you, whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant.

We tailor our representation to you and your specific needs. Ours is not a cookie-cutter practice turning out the same case, representing the same side, in the same way, time after time. Rather this variety of practice promotes visionary tenacity, flexibility, creativity and demands cutting-edge technology.

Because our continued success depends entirely on our reputation for excellence in litigation, we have the will to win.

We win because we are trial lawyers and approach every case as if it is headed for trial. When you are represented by THE LAW OFFICES OF THOMAS J. FLEISCHMANN & ASSOCIATES, the opposing attorney understands that you are willing to take the case all the way to a verdict if necessary. This fact alone can make a good settlement possible.
We win because we share the risk with our clients. We prefer to work on a contingent fee basis so that our efforts are rewarded only when you win.

In short, our firm offers: The highest quality legal services at rates that reflect our mutual success in the outcome of your litigation.



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